Working with children


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Working with children


Working with Children – CPD accredited




This is a CPD accredited course that is for anyone interested in exploring a career in working with children. It will introduce you to what working with children in the UK entails including key legislations and OFSTED (The inspectorate body for childcare and education services in the UK); requirements for children’s care and development, as well as give you an opportunity to explore the various career options and routes into the childcare and education sector.


This is an approximately 7.5-hour online course. The navigation is reasonably straightforward. The course is set out as modules with different sections and the timings are indicated for each one. There is a good balance of text and visuals. At the end there is a quiz to test knowledge acquired, and also an evaluation section to be completed. Once you have passed the test, you will automatically be issued a certificate which you can then print out or download and save.


To Identify the skills and Knowledge required to work with children.

To Identify your next step in progressing your career in this sector.

To Provide valuable information about available roles in the childcare and education sectors, and routes to develop your career e.g., teaching assistant, nursery worker, nanny, teacher etc.

To provide you with information on to navigate your career path in this sector

To Help you decide whether or not working with children is for you.


You will Understand the specific skills and qualifications required to work with children within your preferred roles.

You will become familiar with the current legislations and legal requirements for working with children in the UK.

You will identify the various career opportunities available in the childcare and education sector.

You will Understand basic concepts of child development and safeguarding

You will identify areas of further development and how to access suitable support.


  • Why should I work with children? This topic will address the benefits of working in children and defines key terminologies in the childcare and education sector.
  • Skills required to work with children.You will have the opportunity to identify your personal skills and compare them with the key skills required to work with children.
  • Exploring Career Options. This topic will look closely at the multiple careers available within the childcare and education sector.
  • Routes to careers. The routes to get into each of the careers mentioned in module 3 will be explored.
  • Safeguarding, Legislations and Child development. This topic will look at the subject of safeguarding as it relates to working with children including the legislations that promote safeguarding and child development.


I enrolled on this course after the COVID19 lockdown like many other, I had  lost my job. I was looking to go back to work, and I wanted to look for something that I was good at. I know that I am good with children  .I am glad  that I did the course because I learned a lot of things about the childcare and education sector, which I didn’t know before. The course covered a lot of topics including  child development, Government regulations , safeguarding and lots more. Gifty


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