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We here from the women who know best how Lovo has helped to develop their skills, confidence and well-being.

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Personal Assessment course particpant Part 1 - Marianna

Marianna was a new immigrant with a young child who felt stuck,

not knowing how to move forward in the U.K. She shares how participating in LOVO’s personal assessment course (The New Horizons) helped her rediscover her core strengths, build confidence and set clearer goals to attain a more purposeful life.

”I enjoyed the first course and built my confidence in using copper wire. I would like to build extend my jewellery making skills by using different materials ”.
Client now has a small jewellery making stall at LOVO daycentre.

“My children always told me that I was good with children, so I had been thinking about ways in which I could use these skills for some time. I have never worked in childcare, but I had heard about employment opportunities in this sector from other people. However, before attending the course I felt like there was too much information, and I wasn’t sure where to start. Attending the course made things much clearer for me. The course has been divided into coherent themes, and it is well-paced, which means you never feel overwhelmed. And the one-on-one guidance is very good, as it allows you to share your ideas and discuss the possibilities that you are considering. It was really an eye-opener. I’m now looking forward to starting my own after-school club for children- not very big- just three or four children.”

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The new Horizons - Personal Assessment course Particpant Part 2 - Marianna

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The new Horizons - Personal Assessment Course Particpant - Onyi

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Participant: Frances

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The new Horizons - Personal Assessment course particpant - Rebecca

I’d like to share my positive experience of the LOVO’s person assessment course and how it set a profound tone going forward.

When I first enrolled in the course, I was in the state of deep confusion and struggling with severe depression. However, Ola-Olive’s guidance and teaching style made it remarkably easy for me to follow the course material, and it played a vital role in helping me to reconnect with myself.

Through the course I gained an understanding of who I am and what motivates me. This new found awareness helped me to start to put an action plan together, step by step.

I now work within the mental health sector, and I am pursuing training to become a Laughter Teacher, Laughter Therapist & Laughter Coach, which changed my life and will help many people in the process as well.I am also engaging in an exciting book collaborating with my sister, a project that taps into my creativity side.