Raina, ENABLE Employability in the Childcare Sector Training Programme participant: As a single mother, who recently moved to the UK less than two years ago. I was keen to find a job in the childcare and education sector that was compatible with the long school holidays, given my sole carer responsibilities. Although, I had some teaching experience in Sierra Leone but I did not know what type of teaching/ childcare jobs to apply for or how to apply. Considering that I had no U.K relevant qualifications, coupled up with my lack of interview skills, and the fact that my C.V was not looking attractive to prospective employers, it became a huge challenge for me. However, this childcare course raised my morale and self-confidence, with the practical sessions given to update my CV and to prepare me for job interviews, specifically tailored towards jobs in the childcare and education sector. I was given all the support and knowledge that I needed by the course mentor/ tutor, and I eventually secured a job in my children’s school as a trainee teaching assistant.

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