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Setting healthy boundaries

  • What is this course about?

    The limits of acceptable behavior between individuals are referred to as boundaries, and personal boundaries indicate where the territory of one person ends, and another begins. Managing personal and work relationships can be challenging as they are all impacted by healthy or unhealthy boundaries. Learning how to set healthy boundaries is crucial to maintaining a wholesome and beneficial environment for everyone.

  • By the end of this course, you will therefore

    • Understand what healthy and unhealthy boundary is.
    • Identify whether you need to set boundaries in your own life.
    •  Be able to describe different types of boundaries.
    • Understand the benefits of setting boundaries.
    • Implement different boundary-setting techniques.
    • Identify and overcome blocks to setting boundaries.
  • Some topics to be covered

    • Understand different types of boundaries.
    • Learn techniques to set healthy boundaries.
    • Identify barriers to setting healthy boundaries and how to overcome them.
  • Course Layout

    The course is set out as 4 modules and allows you to work at your own pace. At the end, you complete an evaluation section. Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a certificate to print out or download.

  • Course Requirement

    Participants need no formal qualifications, but will need literacy skills to complete the course.