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Gratitude Reflection


    Research shows that gratitude is positively correlated with social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. Its power of turning the little that one has into abundance cannot be overlooked and yet many don’t engage with this positive attribute. Gratitude reflection gives us time out to learn how to practise gratitude by exploring and thinking deeply about a specific topic, gain a positive perspective and identify reasons to be grateful amongst so much negativity.

    It is a hybrid live workshop, so you can join us online or in-person at the scheduled time. Each workshop runs for 1 hour.

  • Who is this course for

    This course is for any woman passionate about her self-care and mental or emotional health, and would like to explore or engage the power of gratitude to positively transform her mindset and wellbeing, becoming more content, confident and at peace with herself.

  • The aim of the course is

    • To understand the true value of gratitude.
    • To learn how to practise gratitude.
    • To reflect on any noticeable internal/external shifts.
    • To promote self-care using a non-clinical approach.
    • To develop an attitude of gratitude and build gratitude muscles.
    • To set gratitude goals and challenges.
    • To improve mental and emotional well-being.

    By the end of the workshop:

    • You will understand the power of gratitude.
    • You will feel more grateful as you put things in perspective.
    • You will understand how to practise gratitude more in order to reap its benefits.

    You will begin to develop a positive mindset.


    “I found the topic of Gratitude relevant to the current situation around the world. I feel it’s brilliant that this type of workshop/ courses is being put out there. I know I’ve benefitted hugely, and it has really helped me to implement a change in mindset, which is needed to successfully navigate life in general.” Marcia