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  • What is this course about?

    This is a CPD accredited online course that will give you a good understanding of assertive communication and the practical techniques that you need to develop assertiveness skills and become more confident.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for any woman who:

    • Struggles to set boundaries and/or say no to others.
    • Wants to improve their communication in personal and professional relationships.
    • Wants to learn more about different communication styles.
    • Wants to increase her self-respect and self-esteem.
  • What is the aim of this course?

    This course will help you to:

    • Identify what assertive communication is and is not.
    • Reflect on how being assertive can benefit you.
    • Set personal assertiveness goals.
    • Understand four main communication styles; passive, assertive, passive-aggressive, aggressive.
    • Identify the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication.
    • Learn and practise assertive communication techniques.
    • Project confidence.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • Define assertive communication.
    • Understand how assertive communication benefits you.
    • Set personal assertiveness goals.
    • Identify different communication styles and which one you use most often.
    • Identify the beliefs that block your ability to communicate assertively and reframe those beliefs.
    • Techniques on appearing confident.
    • Recognise and practise key verbal assertiveness skills.
    • Know where to access further learning related to assertive communication.
  • Course Layout

    This is an approximately 12-hour online course, with a balance of text and visuals. The course is set out as modules with different sections and indicated timings. At the end, there is a quiz to test the knowledge you’ve gained, and an evaluation section to complete. Once you have passed the test, you will receive a certificate to print out or download.

  • Topics to be covered

    -What is assertive communication?

    This involves a general overview of what assertive communication is, and why and how it is beneficial.

    -Communication styles

    You will look closely at the 4 main communication styles and be able to identify which ones you use most often.

    • Limiting Beliefs

    You will understand how beliefs can affect your behaviour, and how to reframe beliefs that stop you from communicating assertively.

    • Key assertiveness techniques

    You will learn about the major verbal assertiveness techniques with an opportunity to practise them.

    • Projecting Confidence

    You will look closely at assertive non-verbal communication with tips on projecting yourself with confidence.

    • Moving Forward

    You will have access to additional resources for further learning.